Announcements + Broadcasts

When it absolutely, positively needs to be done right – our team executes mission critical announcements with unmatched volume and frequency.

We are the silent leader behind the production of merger + acquisition announcements, last-minute press conferences, critical employee directives, political campaign launches, and surprise proxy and investor broadcasts.

Meetings + Conferences

We have produced hundreds of corporate and consumer events including consumer conferences, to investor relations meetings, media upfronts, awards shows, distributor summits, affiliate or IPO roadshows, product/service launches and corporate annual meetings.

Presentation Support

Haystack has a dedicated crew of producers and seasoned artists available at a moment’s notice to create any form of presentations – from a simple template to a fully-produced deck. We work in all formats – super-widescreen, 16×9, 4×3 and multi-resolution; PC or Mac; PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, and PDF. Our support also includes coaching and content ideation.

We also do print.


Whether for investors, retailers, advertisers, distributors or employees, Haystack has creative ideas and a penchant for logistics like no other firm. From a traditional presentation to the full song-and-dance, we take pride in providing numerous creative options so our partners and clients can determine the best medium for the message.